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Workshop in Prague 

A Gestured and Spoken Knowledge Exchange Format.

While exchanging ideas, participants will have been introduced to the transformation of materials into lines or yarns and further into networks, meshes and communal works. This format explored the potential that the skills normally
attributed to women have to transform technology into a regenerative practice. It revived an ancient powerful method of knowledge exchange where women sat together, ostensibly to work with yarn and, in these rare moments of communion free of male control, carved out spaces of independent thought. The 17th century Czech philosopher, Comenius, one of the earliest champions of universal education, said that the beginning of knowledge is in the gesture.

This was a week-long cross border collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna - AKBILD and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague - UMPRUM for 30 students, (15 from AKBILD and 15 from UMPRUM).
Travel and accommodation expenses were covered for students moving to the respective cross border partner. In Vienna this new format took place in the Zukunftshof In
Prague it took place at the UMPRUM, Technological center Mikulandská.


Ignored Technology Schedule 19- 23 September 2022

19.September in Prague at the UMPRUM

11.30 Arrival in Prague for AKBILD Students, – check in to accommodation
12:30 Introduction with Adam Hudec and Veronika Miškovičová
13:30 Workshop given by representatives of Centre for Traditonal Technologies, Pribor (CTTP)
19:00 Discussion with drinks and Snacks on the days knowledge exchange

20. September in Prague at the UMPRUM

09:30 Engaging in Ignored Technologies using devices and materials provided
by the CCTP -Processing of organic materials, yarn making, transformation of
yarns and lines -Reading and discussion of texts and works
21. September in Prague at the UMPRUM
09:30 Engaging in ignored technologies - continued
18:00 Knowledge exchange with Michelle Howard


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