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A project that asks what direction technology would have taken if the skills that are normally attributed to women were given the attention they deserve.


Ignored Technology is funded by
AKTION Austria - Czech Republic.


Asks what direction would technology have taken if skills that are normallyattributed to women and other anomalies were given the attention theydeserve, and proposes that by embracing the practical application of lines andthreads we can build a richer and more sustainable future. Scientists nowaccept that humankind’s first tool was not a weapon but a carrier bag, thathumans tended toward sociable collectives rather than submission tohierarchy, that whole social systems were adopted or discarded according toneed. These facts are now recognised because evidence long existing has beenreevaluated in less biased ways. The evidence was not difficult to find, it wasjust ignored. Patriarchal biases have labelled one practice technology and theother craft. Both are dependent on the practical application of knowledge, yetone attracts prestige, income, and a taste of progress while the other isdeemed pretty but also pretty useless. Could an embracing of ignoredtechnologies lead to a regenerative practice that drives environmental andsocietal progress?Of course it could!


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