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An exhibition which asks what direction technology would have taken if the skills that are normally attributed to women given the attention they deserve.
Starting from the premise that the first tool was not the weapon, but the carrier bag, we built sociable collectives constructing lines together, upcycling at opposite ends of the fabrication process. Two separate but intertwined architecture studios, “Treads and Traces” at the Fa Vut in Brno and “HOOKUP” at the Academy of fine arts in Vienna, followed the path of the line through the medium of yarn.
In Brno, we use raw untreated wool from Slovakian Laucane sheep, now so undervalued (because of the perceived superiority of the Australian Merino), that the famer preferred to donate it to us. In Vienna we use discarded T-shirts. We followed Paul Klee who insisted that the processes of genesis and growth that give rise to forms in the world are more important than the forms themselves. ‘Form is the end, death, Form-giving is life’.
In Brno, the emphasis lies in the process of the creation of yarn and the manufacture of string. In Vienna, form is given using crochet and the mathematical equation. In 1997, the Latvian mathematician, Daina Taimina discovered that the hyperbolic surface could be represented using the technology of crochet which still remains the domain of the dextrous hand. Machines are unable to replace crochet which resists “how the line, in the course of its history, has been gradually shorn of the movement that gave rise to it. Once the trace of a continuous gesture, the line has been fragmented – under the sway of modernity – into a succession of points or dots……...”[1]
Performance and filmic observation HOOKUP the works in this exhibition to one another, celebrating the form-giving process. The pieces presented in the exhibition are deliberately open, in the words of Umberto Eco when he talked of the Open Work of Art, they are COMPLETED, NOT CLOSED.
In the main Exhibition Space of the KUMST in Brno, Czech Republic
08 January – 04 March 2022