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1: a state of cooperation or alliance
2: an assembly or connection of components into a circuit, machine, or system
3: a device for conveying substances or information from a source to a user

Design Studio IKA Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
Bachelors Winter Semester 2021 / 22 - Michelle Howard and Eva Sommeregger

What direction would technology have taken if the skills that are normally attributed to women and other anomalies were given the attention they deserve?
Starting from the premise that the first tool was not the weapon, but the carrier bag, we built sociable collectives constructing lines together, upcycling discarded materials, mainly t-shirts, following the path of the line through the medium of yarn.
With the words of Paul Klee in mind, who insisted that the processes of genesis and growth that give rise to forms in the world are more important than the forms themselves. ‚Form is the end, death, Form-giving is life‘. emphasis was placed on process. We looked closely at the complex workings of coordination between the yarn, the tool, the hands and the brain by hooking up to a bespoke device that we assembled together.
We began with mathematics and the hyperbolic surface, which is difficult to represent using In 1997, the Latvian mathematician, Daina Taimina discovered that they could be represented using the of crochet. Machines are unable to replace the dextrous hand in crochet which resists, as Tim Ingold puts it „how the line, has been gradually shorn of the movement that gave rise to it. Once the trace of a conscious gesture, the line has been fragmented - under the sway of modernity - into a succession of points or dots „
Walking, weaving, observing, storytelling, singing, drawing and writing all proceed along lines. Lines can be interrupted but also have the potential to reconnect, interweave and eventually become endless.

Michelle Howard and Eva Sommeregger
Sofia Abendstein, Arda Arin, Leonard Vincent Behrens, Vladislava Bugaeva, Elliott Griffith, Luke Handon, Paula Hauschildt, Lucia Herber, Justa Jasaityte, Juliane Jungblut, Marie Lang, Ji Yun Lee, Soryun Lee, Majed Naseri, Emma Malea Noll, Laurin Saied, Florentin Schumann, Moritz Tischendorf, Xaver Wizany
Thanks to:
Adam Hudec, Veronika Miskovicova, Jan Kristek, Saša Smolej, Ana Paula Ramirez Venegas, Hsing Jen Lee, Klarissa Ach-Hübner, Diana Bevelaquova, Tarek Malaheifi, Carmen Lael Hines, Ebru Kurbak, Monica Titton,

Kumst Brno, Caritas Vienna, Volkshilfe Vienna,
Funding:  AKTION OEAD, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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